Thursday, November 1, 2012

FINALLY - Thank You

There's a song by Dido called 'Thank You' which goes round in my head..."I just want to thank you for giving me the best day(s) of my life" hear it you can click here

Thanks to everyone who walked the Way with me, even briefly...

...from the beginning in St. Jean to Santiago...Daniela, Julien, Marlies, Monik, Claudine, Aelfred, PY, Mauro, Hanz, Harold, Rosie, Venancio, Julian, Paci, Sergio, Julio, Attilio, Michael, Brend, Christine, Becky, Mark, Pedro, Geraldo, Maete, Jacquie, Bilal, Judit, Matan, Sayoko, Andreu, Cornel, Samuel, Miguel, Lorna, Daniela, Ramon, Christine, Walter, Joan, Beatriz, Carlos, Jose Miguel, Kathrin, Javier, Gabriel, David, Jorge, Pablo, Isodoro, Michel, Jinsun Jo, Yesouk, Sanghan, Federico, Juan Carols, Alex, Margaret...

Apologies if I got things wrong in this blog...details...memories. If there's anything about you that you want changed let me know in the comment box or email me

You are in my thoughts and prayers often...

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  1. Eamonn, thank you!

    That was a beautiful telling of your camino, snapshots of silence and glory and love.

    The story of your mass in Santiago really touched me. I was delighted for you when I heard of it, and sorry I missed it. You glowed in my eyes, and I think you were one of the happiest people I met on the Camino.

    Sending you that peaceful joy of early morning, with the yellow arrows glowing in the half light, and the road welcoming you with birdsong.